Wineries for 2016

Telaya Wine Co.
2015 Viognier
Drink through 2018
200 cases, 13.7% alcohol
Bouquet of honeysuckle, pear, and a hint of citrus. Smooth transition from mid palate to finish that builds with lingering minerality and slight creaminess. The perfect wine to enjoy on the deck after a long hot summer day.
​APPELLATION: Columbia Valley, WA – Boushey Vineyards
COMPOSITION: 90% Viognier 10% Marsanne
BARREL AGED: 8 months in neutral French oak

2013 Turas Red Wine Blend
Drink in 2018
​Gold- Cascadia Wine Competition
275 cases, 14.0% alcohol
Turas is our flagship blend, predominatley composed of Syrah; this year it also has Malbec and Petit Verdot blended in. Deep and rich in color, Turas has a nose of leather and spice with a medium body and crisp finish. This old world-style wine has a spicy character and will age well.
APPELLATION: Snake River Valley
COMPOSITION: Syrah 55%, Petit Verdot 27%, Malbec 18%
BARREL AGED: 20 months in new and used French oak

Vizcaya Winery
2011 Tempranillo
2015 Idaho Wine Competition Double Gold/Best of Class winner. Tempranillo is a medium-bodied Spanish red varietal that has pomegranate, cherry, and raspberry aromas. It has flavors of plum and spice. The finish is smooth with solid tannins. Tempranillo pairs well with all kinds of foods.

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is a genetic cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. It is full-bodied with black currant, coffee and dark chocolate flavors. The finish is long and smooth. Cabernet pairs good with foods high in fat and savory flavors.

2013 Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris has similar DNA to Pinot Noir and is thought to be its genetic off-spring. The berries are red, but it is a white wine. It is light bodied with pear and melon flavors. The finish is smooth and crisp. Pinot Gris pairs great with lighter flavors, vegetables, and seafood.

2014 Pinot Gris
Also from our Windy Ridge Estate vineyard, this Pinot Gris is has a full lush flavor laden with apple and pear. It pairs well with poultry and pork.

Indian Creek Winery

Cellar 616
2011 Petit Verdot
The petit verdot has a delicate red clarity with subtle aromas of leather and cedar followed by bright flavors of berry, plum and cherry while finishing with a hint of vanilla and new oak. Serve the wine at 55 degrees.

2011 Meritage
This clairet style Meritage has an equal blend of the Noble varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot). The light garnet red appearance encompasses deep earthy aromas of leather and cedar. On the palate, the taste has smooth red fruits (raspberries and strawberries) with an undertone of Bing Cherries finishing with hints of pepper, spice and aged American oak.

2011 Carmenere
The ‘sixth noble’ has rosé like appearance imparting aromatic, smooth and medium-bodied characteristics reminiscing of red fruits like strawberry and raspberry with finishing hints of cassis, spice and earthy notes. This carmenère has smooth well-rounded tannins making this an easy to drink varietal.

Split Rail Winery

Potter Wines
Jalapeno Wine Lemonade
Despite his sour appearance, this traveler is certain to be the talk of every get-together. He’s part Mississippi plantation, part Rocky Mountain foothills. A vacationer at heart, he’s a free spirit who can’t be boxed in or bottled up and always delivers the entertaining twist needed to turn ordinary occasions into unforgettable escapes.

Original Jalapeno Wine
Slightly spicy, Jalepeno Wine, with a balanced light sweetness. Excellent sipping wine on a quiet evening at home or with friends. Try it as an aperitif before your next meal to stimulate your taste buds and appetite. Add it to your sangria for that something special. It’s uses are limited only by your imagination.
Outstanding cooking addition. Use it to marinate, sauté, slow cook or as a reduction. Incredible with chicken, shrimp, fish or lamb. Try it on all seafood, it adds tremendous flavor without too much kick. Clams are a favorite

Chipotle Jalapeno Wine
Chipotle Wine is spicier with a nice smoke flavor. This is a wonderful sipping wine for the adventurous wine lover. Smooth and flavorful at the front of your mouth then pleasantly warming. Try shots to get the party going.
Will set your creative dishes apart from the others. Use this to marinate, sauté or braise for a smoky addition. Cook long and slow for the most tender, flavorful and moist piece of meat imaginable. Amazing with beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. Add it to your homemade taco meat or Spaghetti Sauce, unbelievable. Tons of flavor without adding too much heat to your dinner. Create! Experiment! Surprise yourself!