Register Harvest

Online registration is closed now. You can still register at check-in the day before at TownePlaces Suites in Meridian (noon to 7pm) or at the race. Either half is $70 cash / $75 on a card…10k is $50 cash / $55 card…5k is $40 cash / $45 card. If you want to both, the 2nd would be half price.

Race both in the morning and the evening and get 50% off the lower priced event. If you do the same distance for both then it is 50% off of either one. So for example if you do the 10k in the morning and the 1/2 marathon at night, you will get $22.50 off the morning registration. You must sign up for both morning and night at the same time to get the discount to apply.

Shirts will be the same for both the morning and evening run so you only need to get one even if you are planning on do both events.
There will be special bonus medals for those that do both half marathons, both 10k’s, or both 5k’s.
Wine sampling wrist bands can be used for both events and is included with the registration fee. Same goes for spectators as far as using it for both morning and evening.